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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: Setting the default replication factor for Solandra cores
Date Fri, 21 Sep 2012 01:26:10 GMT
> I want to set the replication factor = 2, 
This is part of the CREATE KEYSPACE command, not sure where this is in solandra. 

I would recommend using RF 3 as a minimum. 

> , and the default replications strategy to be RackAwareStrategy.
That's a very old strategy. 
The default is NetworkTopologyStrategy which is the new RAS. 
Again , this is set as part of the CREATE KEYSPACE command. 

You can update both using UPDATE KEYSPACE in the cli. Check the operations page in the wiki
for info on changing replication. 


Aaron Morton
Freelance Developer

On 20/09/2012, at 3:17 AM, Michael Kjellman <> wrote:

> If I recall correctly you should make those changes in the schema through the CLI.
> I never ended up running Solandra in production though so I'm not sure if anyone else
has better options. Why is the CLI not enough?
> On Sep 19, 2012, at 5:56 AM, "Safdar Kureishy" <<>>
> Hi,
> This question is related to Solandra, but since it sits on top of Cassandra, I figured
I'd use this mailing list (since there isn't another one I know of for Solandra). Apologies
in advance if this is the wrong place for this.
> I'm trying to setup a Solandra cluster, across 2 centers. I want to set the replication
factor = 2, and the default replications strategy to be RackAwareStrategy. Is there somewhere
in cassandra.yaml or that I can provide these parameters so that I won't
need to use cassandra-cli manually? I couldn't find any such property so far...
> Thanks in advance.
> Safdar
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