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From Roshni Rajagopal <>
Subject CQL3 - collections
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 05:13:36 GMT

 CQL3, has collections support as described in this link
So looks like when you have a column called email and you could store 1 value called,
now you can store a list.would it be possible to store a name value pair, like column name
is Item Id and value is a collection with 2 elements in each row like {{'name' , 'apple'},
{'Descr' , 'Granny Smith'}, {'Qty','3'} }
or would we need to have a column named Item Id and value is {'apple', 'granny smith', '3'}.
and the application needs to figure out that 1st element is name, second is descr etc
Also can you store different data types in each row of the list or do all elements need to
be of the same type? 
Im guessing we cant do both- but can anyone confirm.

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