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From "Hiller, Dean" <>
Subject found major difference in CQL vs Scalable SQL(PlayOrm) and question
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 17:13:36 GMT
I have been digging more and more into CQL vs. PlayOrm S-SQL and found a
major difference that is quite interesting(thought you might be interested
plus I have a question).  CQL uses a composite row key with the prefix so
now any other tables that want to reference that entity have references to
that row "with" the partition key embedded in the row key.

Scalable-SQL does a similar form of partitioning but
1. You can partition a table 2 ways not just one way (ie. By account and
by user perhaps) for queries into either types of partition
2. If you decide to repartition your data a different way, with S-SQL you
don't have to map/reduce all those rows with foreign keys.  In CQL, you
have to map/reduce the partitioned table AND all the rows referencing all
those rows since the partition key is basically embedded everywhere.

I found that quite interesting, but that said, I need to add support for
PlayOrm on top of partitioned CF's so we are compatible with CQL as well.

1. Is there any meta information I can grab from the meta model on this?
2. Also, how can I query the indexes without involving CQL at all such
that I can translate the playOrm Scalable-SQL to re-use the existing
indices?  (ie. Is there an index column family and how to form the row key
to access the index?)


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