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From Marcelo Elias Del Valle <>
Subject Re: 1000's of column families
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 14:01:08 GMT
Out of curiosity, is it really necessary to have that amount of CFs?
I am probably still used to relational databases, where you would use a new
table just in case you need to store different kinds of data. As Cassandra
stores anything in each CF, it might probably make sense to have a lot of
CFs to store your data...
But why wouldn't you use a single CF with partitions in these case?
Wouldn't it be the same thing? I am asking because I might learn a new
modeling technique with the answer.


2012/9/26 Hiller, Dean <>

> We are streaming data with 1 stream per 1 CF and we have 1000's of CF.
>  When using the tools they are all geared to analyzing ONE column family at
> a time :(.  If I remember correctly, Cassandra supports as many CF's as you
> want, correct?  Even though I am going to have tons of funs with
> limitations on the tools, correct?
> (I may end up wrapping the node tool with my own aggregate calls if needed
> to sum up multiple column families and such).
> Thanks,
> Dean

Marcelo Elias Del Valle - @mvallebr

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