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From Oleksandr Petrov <>
Subject CQL 2, CQL 3 and Thrift confusion
Date Sun, 23 Sep 2012 19:22:55 GMT

I'm currently using Cassandra 1.1.5.

When I'm trying to create a Keyspace from CQL 2 with a command (`cqlsh -2`):

  CREATE KEYSPACE TestKeyspace WITH strategy_class = 'SimpleStrategy' AND
strategy_options:replication_factor = 1

Then try to access it from CQL 3 (`cqlsh -3`):

  USE TestKeyspace;

I get an error: Bad Request: Keyspace 'testkeyspace' does not exist

Same thing is applicable to Thrift Interface. Somehow, I can only access
keyspaces created from CQL 2 via Thrift Interface.

Basically, I get same exact error: InvalidRequestException(why:There is no
ring for the keyspace: CascadingCassandraCql3)

Am I missing some switch? Or maybe it is intended to work that way?...

alex p

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