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From Edward Sargisson <>
Subject How to replace a dead *seed* node while keeping quorum
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 23:21:34 GMT
Hi all,
We just ran into an interesting and unexpected situation with restarting 
a downed node.

If the downed node is a seed node then neither of the replace a dead 
node procedures work (-Dcassandra.replace_token and taking 
initial_token-1). The ring remains split.
The host is listed as a seed in the config for the other members of the 
ring. If we rename the host then it will rejoin the ring.
In other words, if the host name is on the seeds list then it appears 
that the rest of the ring refuses to bootstrap it.

This leads to a problem: If the node needs to be taken out of the seeds 
list on every working node then that requires a restart of each node - 
which means that, for short periods, the ring is missing 2 nodes and a 
quorum read or write (RF=3) will fail.

Are there any useful tricks for restarting the node with the same 
hostname or are we expected to rename the node?


Edward Sargisson

senior java developer
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