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From Brian Jeltema <>
Subject hadoop inserts blow out heap
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2012 11:52:39 GMT
I'm a fairly novice Cassandra/Hadoop guy. I have written a Hadoop job (using the Cassandra/Hadoop
integration API)
that performs a full table scan and attempts to populate a new table from the results of the
map/reduce. The read
works fine and is fast, but the table insertion is failing with OOM errors (in the Cassandra
VM). The resulting heap dump from one node shows that
2.9G of the heap is consumed by a JMXConfigurableThreadPoolExecutor that appears to be full
of batch mutations.

I'm using a 6-node cluster, 32G per node, 8G heap, RF=3, if any of that matters.

Any suggestions would be appreciated regarding configuration changes or additional information
I might
capture to understand this problem.


Brian J
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