I'm looking for a Ruby client for Cassandra that is pretty high-level.  I am really hoping to find a Ruby gem of high quality that allows a developer to create models like you would with ActiveModel.

So far I have figured out that the canonical Ruby client for Cassandra is Twitter's Cassandra gem of the same name.  It looks great - mature, still in active development, etc.  No stated support for Ruby 1.9.3 that I can see, but I can probably live with that for now.

What I'm looking for is a higher-level gem built on that gem that works like ActiveModel in that you just include a module in your model class and that gives you methods to declare your model's serialized attributes and also the usual ActiveModel methods like 'save!', 'valid?', 'find', etc.

I've been trying out some different NoSQL databases recently, and for example there is an official Ruby client for Riak with a domain model that is close to Riak's, but then there's also a gem called 'Ripple' that uses a domain model that is closer to what most Ruby developers are used to.  So it looks like Twitter's Cassandra gem is the one that stays close to the domain model of Cassandra, and what I'm looking for is a gem that's a Cassandra equivalent of RIpple.

From some searching I found cassandra_object, which has been inactive for a couple of years, but there's a fork that looks like it's being maintained, but I have not found any kind of information to suggest the maintained fork is in general use yet.  I have found quite a lot of gems of a similar style that people have started and then not really got very far with.

So, does anybody know of a suitable gem?  Would you recommend it?  Or perhaps you would recommend not using such a gem and sticking with the lower-level client gem?

Thanks in advance for your advice.