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Subject Cassandra data model help
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 12:52:26 GMT
I am trying to create a Cassandra schema for cluster monitoring system, where one cluster
can have multiple nodes and I am monitoring multiple matrices from a node. My raw data schema
looks like and taking values in every 5 min interval

matrix_name + daily time stamp as row key, composite column name of node name and time stamp
and matrix value as column value

the problem I am facing is a node can go back and forth between the clusters(system can have
more than one clusters) so if i need monthly statistics plotting of a cluster I have to consider
the nodes that are leaving and joining during this period of time, some node might be part
of the cluster for just 15 days and some could join the cluster last 10 day of month, so to
plot data for a particular cluster for a time interval I need to know the nodes which were
part of that cluster for that period of time, what could be the best schema for this solution
? I have tried few ideas so far no luck, any suggestions ?


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