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From Mohit Agarwal <>
Subject Understanding UnavailableException
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 09:07:15 GMT
Hi guys,

I am trying to understand what happens when an UnavailableException is

a) Suppose we are doing a ConsistencyLevel.ALL write on a 3 node cluster.
My understanding is that if one of the nodes is down and the coordinator
node is aware of that(through gossip), then it will respond to the request
with an UnavailableException. Is this correct?

b) What happens if the coordinator isn't aware of a node being down and
sends the request to all the nodes and never hears back from one of the
node. Would this result in a TimedOutException or a UnavailableException?

c) I am trying to understand the cases where the client receives an error,
but data could have been inserted into Cassandra. One such case is the
TimedOutException. Are there any other situations like these?


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