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From Erik Onnen <>
Subject Dynamic Column Families in CQLSH v3
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2012 02:24:47 GMT
Hello All,

Attempting to create what the Datastax 1.1 documentation calls a
Dynamic Column Family
via CQLSH.

This works in v2 of the shell:

"create table data ( key varchar PRIMARY KEY) WITH comparator=LongType;"

When defined this way via v2 shell, I can successfully switch to v3
shell and query the CF fine.

The same syntax in v3 yields:

"Bad Request: comparator is not a valid keyword argument for CREATE TABLE"

The 1.1 documentation indicates that comparator is a valid option for
at least ALTER TABLE:

This leads me to believe that the correct way to create a dynamic
column family is to create a table with no named columns and alter the
table later but that also does not work:

"create table data (key varchar PRIMARY KEY);"


"Bad Request: No definition found that is not part of the PRIMARY KEY"

So, my question is, how do I create a Dynamic Column Family via the CQLSH v3?


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