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From Andy Ballingall TF <>
Subject What is the ideal server-side technology stack to use with Cassandra?
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2012 10:09:45 GMT

I've been running a number of tests with Cassandra using a couple of
PHP drivers (namely PHPCassa ( and
PDO-cassandra (,
and the experience hasn't been great, mainly because I can't try out
the CQL3.

Aaron Morton ( advised:

"If possible i would avoid using PHP. The PHP story with cassandra has
not been great in the past. There is little love for it, so it takes a
while for work changes to get in the client drivers.

AFAIK it lacks server side states which makes connection pooling
impossible. You should not pool cassandra connections in something
like HAProxy."

So my question is - if you were to build a new scalable project from
scratch tomorrow sitting on top of Cassandra, which technologies would
you select to serve HTTP requests to ensure you get:

a) The best support from the cassandra community (e.g. timely updates
of drivers, better stability)
b) Optimal efficiency between webservers and cassandra cluster, in
terms of the performance of individual requests and in the volumes of
connections handled per second
c) Ease of development and and deployment.

What worked for you, and why? What didn't work for you?


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