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From Ben Kaehne <>
Subject Syncing nodes + Cassandra Data Availability
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2012 01:58:40 GMT
Good morning,

Our application runs on a 3 node cassandra cluster with RF of 3.

We use quorum operations against this cluster in hopes of garunteeing

One scenario in which an issue can occur here is:
Out of our 3 nodes, only 2 are up.
We perform a write to say, a new key.
The down node is started again, at the same time, a different node is
brought offline.
At this point. The data we have written above is on one node, but not the
other online node. Meaning quorum reads will fail.

Surely other people have encountered such issue before.

We disabled hinted handoffs originally as to not have to worry about race
conditions of disk space on servers filling up due to piling up handoffs.
Although perhaps this may somewhat aid the situation (although from what I
read, it does not completely remedy the circumstance).

If so, how are you dealing with it?
>From what I understand a read repair (in which we have set to 1.0) will
only be performed on a successful read occurs, in which will not happen

nodetool repair seems rather slow, is manual and does not suit our
situation where data has to be available apon demand.



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