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From ruslan usifov <>
Subject Oftopic: ksoftirqd after ddos take more cpu? as result cassandra latensy very high
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 17:05:43 GMT

We was under ddos attack, and as result we got high ksoftirqd activity
- as result cassandra begin answer very slow. But when ddos was gone
high ksoftirqd activity still exists, and dissaper when i stop
cassandra daemon, and repeat again when i start cassadra daemon, the
fully resolution of problem is full reboot of server. What this can be
(why ksoftirqd begin work very intensive when cassandra runing - we
disable all working traffic to cluster but this doesn't help so this
is can't be due heavy load )? And how to solve this?

     OS ubuntu 10.0.4 (
     cassandra 1.0.10
     java 1.6.32 (from oracle)

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