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From Kirk <>
Subject Re: Inability to drop column families
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2012 21:56:03 GMT
What does "show schema" show? Is the CF showing up?

Are the data files for the CF on disk?

If you poke around with the system CFs, is there any data still present?

On 07/17/2012 02:54 PM, sj.climber wrote:
> Looking for ideas on how to diagnose this issue.  I have installed v1.1.2 on
> a two-node cluster (the data files loaded, incidentally, were from an
> earlier v1.1.1 2-node setup).  While initially I recall being able to
> create/drop column families, I am no longer able to.
> Let's say I have column family MyFamily in MyKeyspace.  Using cassandra-cli,
> I issue:
> [default@unknown] use MyKeyspace;
> Authenticated to keyspace: MyKeyspace
> [default@galaxy_lookups] drop column family MyFamily;
> 27f5c6bc-8cf3-3671-94e6-9f905be28c35
> Waiting for schema agreement...
> ... schemas agree across the cluster
> However, the column family is still there, either way using "describe" from
> within cassandra-cli, or through nodetool cfstats.  Moreover, there are no
> errors in the Cassandra logs.
> Ideas on what to try next? Thanks!
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