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From Dustin Wenz <>
Subject Increased replication factor not evident in CLI
Date Thu, 12 Jul 2012 19:39:07 GMT
We recently increased the replication factor of a keyspace in our cassandra 1.1.1 cluster from
2 to 4. This was done by setting the replication factor to 4 in cassandra-cli, and then running
a repair on each node.

Everything seems to have worked; the commands completed successfully and disk usage increased
significantly. However, if I perform a describe on the keyspace, it still shows replication_factor:2.
So, it appears that the replication factor might be 4, but it reports as 2. I'm not entirely
sure how to confirm one or the other.

Since then, I've stopped and restarted the cluster, and even ran an upgradesstables on each
node. The replication factor still doesn't report as I would expect. Am I missing something

	- .Dustin

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