If my columns are ("k1:k2" => data1), ("k11:k32" => data211), ("k10:k211" => data91)

U mean transforming to  ("1:k1:k2" => data1), ("2:k11:k32" => data211) but I need the previous columns names to slice query on them

2012/6/11 R. Verlangen <robin@us2.nl>
I solved this with creating a manual index with as column keys integers and column values the uuid's of the results. Then run a slicequery to determine the batch to fetch.

2012/6/11 Cyril Auburtin <cyril.auburtin@gmail.com>
using  10 results maximum per page,

to go directly to 14th page, there is no offset=141 possibility I guess? or does a Java client proposes that?

What is the best solution, perform a get with a limit = page*10, and then a get with a column_start equals the lastest column received, and a limit of 10,
I guess also, client side should cache results but it's off topic

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Robin Verlangen
Software engineer

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