Could be this

But that talks about segments not being cleared at startup. Does not explain why they were allowed to get past the limit in the first place. 

Can you share some logs from the time the commit log got out of control ? 


Aaron Morton
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On 1/06/2012, at 9:34 AM, Bryce Godfrey wrote:

After the node recovered and hints had replayed the space was never reclaimed.  A flush or drain did not reclaim the space either and delete any log files.
Bryce Godfrey | Sr. Software Engineer | Azaleos Corporation
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Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 1:10 PM
Subject: RE: 1.1 not removing commit log files?
The nodes appear to be holding steady at the 8G that I set it to in the config file now.  Iíll keep an eye on them.
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Subject: Re: 1.1 not removing commit log files?
4096 is also the internal hard coded default for commitlog_total_space_in_mb
If you are seeing more that 4GB of commit log files let us know. 
Aaron Morton
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On 22/05/2012, at 6:35 AM, Bryce Godfrey wrote:


Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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Subject: Re: 1.1 not removing commit log files?

commitlog_total_space_in_mb: 4096

By default this line is commented in 1.0.x if I remember well. I guess it is the same in 1.1. You really should remove this comment or your commit logs will entirely fill up your disk as it happened to me a while ago.


2012/5/21 Pieter Callewaert <>:

In 1.1 the commitlog files are pre-allocated with files of 128MB.
however not exceed your commitlog size in Cassandra.yaml.
commitlog_total_space_in_mb: 4096
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Pieter Callewaert
Sent: maandag 21 mei 2012 9:52
Subject: 1.1 not removing commit log files?
The commit log drives on my nodes keep slowly filling up.  I don't see
any errors in my logs that are indicating any issues that I can map to
this issue.
Is this how 1.1 is supposed to work now?  Previous versions seemed to
keep this drive at a minimum as it flushed.
/dev/mapper/mpathf     25G   21G  4.2G  83% /opt/cassandra/commitlog