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From Sam Z J <>
Subject wildcards as both ends
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2012 14:20:58 GMT
Hi all

I'm wondering how or if it's possible to implement efficient wildcards at
both ends, e.g. *string*

I can think of a few options... please comment, thanks =D

- if I can get another equality constraint which narrows down potential
result set significantly, I can do a scan. I'm not sure how feasible this
is without benchmarks. Does any one know if I can scan couple hundreds
/ thousands in a 3 node replication factory=2 cluster quickly?

- for each string I have, index all the prefixes in a column family, e.g.
for string 'string', I'd have rows string, strin, stri, str, st, s, with
column values somehow pointing back as row keys. This almost blows up the
storage needed =/ (also, what do I do if I hit the 2billion row width
limit? is there a way to say 'insert into another row if the current one is


Zhongshi (Sam) Jiang

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