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From Juan Ezquerro <>
Subject Modeling data
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2012 14:30:52 GMT
I have a columnfamily like:

    WITH key_validation_class =
    AND comparator = UTF8Type
    AND column_metadata = [
        {column_name: error_code, validation_class: UTF8Type, index_type:
        {column_name: line, validation_class: IntegerType}
        {column_name: file_path, validation_class: UTF8Type}
        {column_name: function, validation_class: UTF8Type}
        {column_name: content, validation_class: UTF8Type}
        {column_name: additional_data, validation_class: UTF8Type}
        {column_name: date_created, validation_class: DateType, index_type:
        {column_name: priority, validation_class: IntegerType, index_type:

Row key is a combo of 2 uuid, the first it's the user's uuid, if i want a
select of all the watchdog entrys of a can i do? is it
possible? I justk know user uuid, the other part of key is unknow uuid.

The idea is simple, i have a user and i want all the records on watchdog,
and i want secondary index to do search.........very simple with mysql but
here i can't find the way.

Can i use get_range?? .... something like get_range(array(user_uuid,) ,
array(user_uuid,)) ??

Please.... can help?

Juan Ezquerro LLanes <Sofistic Team>

Telf: 618349107/964051479

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