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From aaron morton <>
Subject Re: Recreate LevelCompacted SSTables with a new size
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 18:52:23 GMT
Not that I am aware of. AFAIK the files should eventually get to that size. 

Anyone else ? 


Aaron Morton
Freelance Developer

On 5/06/2012, at 9:44 PM, Samuel CARRIERE wrote:

> Hi,
> We are using a 9 nodes cassandra cluster, and each node is currently 
> handling about 40GB of data.
> Our CFs were created using LevedCompactionStrategy, with the default 
> options (size of SSTables = 5MB).
> So the number of SSTables was going quite large, which led to problems 
> described in CASSANDRA-4142 (OOM during repair).
> Since then, we have updated our CFs definitions to set the 
> sstable_size_in_mb option to 200MB. Now the newly created SSTables have
> the size we expect (about 200Mb).
> But now my question is : is there a way to compact or "scrub" the existing 
> small SSTables so that they are re-created with the new size ?
> We didn't manage to do it with "nodetool scrub" : the sstables are 
> recreated with their original size.
> Regards,
> Samuel

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