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From Edward Sargisson <>
Subject Performance impact of static vs dynamic columns and mixing the two in the same CF
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 16:30:31 GMT
Hi all,
A question has come up in our team about the performance impact of 
static vs dynamic columns. We'd like to ask two questions:

Quick background: We are using a custom app to write to Cassandra using 
Hector. Production is Solaris and pre-prod is generally Centos. We're 
currently on 0.7 but will be moving to 1.1 very shortly.

1. Does specifying the type of a column affect performance other than 
the cost of validating data as it is stored?
e.g. does it help compaction, etc?
 From my reading of the docs the advantage is that the data will be 
validated on write and that the various dev tools can deserialize into a 
human readable form easily.

2. Is there any impact to mixing static and dynamic columns in the same 
column family? (Follow-up question: is this far outside of the 
designers' intentions and thus unsafe?)
The docs seem to indicate that the designers think of static column 
families and dynamic column families and *not* a mixture of the two.

My mental model is that a column is just a column. It's possible to 
specify some metadata about columns for validation and display but 
that's about it. Is there something to change this model?

Thanks in advance for any comments.



Edward Sargisson

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