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From Jayesh Thakrar <>
Subject Question on SSTable Configuration Parameters......
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 00:54:42 GMT
Hi All,

I am a getting started with Cassandra and have been reading the O'Reilly Book and some other
I understand that data is persisted in SSTable files.

Where can I find parameters to control the SSTable files - e.g. their min/max sizes, etc.
I looked up and some other places do
not find any such parameters.

Also, when reading the book and some other examples on backups, it seems that when a column
family is backed up, its all contained in a single data file.
Is that because the examples did not have much data or is that the case even when you have
hundreds of GB of data for a column family on a node in a cluster?

Also, are incremental backups possible ? Where can I find examples of that?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Jayesh Thakrar
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