On Thu, May 24, 2012 at 9:28 PM, Brandon Williams <driftx@gmail.com> wrote:

That sounds fine, with the caveat that you can't run sstableloader
from a machine running Cassandra before 1.1, so copying the sstables
manually (assuming both clusters are the same size and have the same
tokens) might be better.

Why is version 1.1 required for sstableloader? We're running 1.0.x on both clusters, but we can of course upgrade if that's required.
> The only issue with this is the timestamps of the data and tombstones in
> each sstable, will they be preserved by sstableloader? What about deletes of
> non-existing keys? Will they be stored in the Linux cluster so that when
> sstableloader inserts the key later, it's resolved as being deleted?

None of that should be a problem.

Excellent, thanks!