The nodes appear to be holding steady at the 8G that I set it to in the config file now.  I’ll keep an eye on them.


From: aaron morton []
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 4:08 AM
Subject: Re: 1.1 not removing commit log files?


4096 is also the internal hard coded default for commitlog_total_space_in_mb


If you are seeing more that 4GB of commit log files let us know. 





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On 22/05/2012, at 6:35 AM, Bryce Godfrey wrote:

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

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Subject: Re: 1.1 not removing commit log files?

commitlog_total_space_in_mb: 4096

By default this line is commented in 1.0.x if I remember well. I guess it is the same in 1.1. You really should remove this comment or your commit logs will entirely fill up your disk as it happened to me a while ago.


2012/5/21 Pieter Callewaert <>:





In 1.1 the commitlog files are pre-allocated with files of 128MB.

( This should

however not exceed your commitlog size in Cassandra.yaml.




commitlog_total_space_in_mb: 4096




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Pieter Callewaert




From: Bryce Godfrey []

Sent: maandag 21 mei 2012 9:52


Subject: 1.1 not removing commit log files?




The commit log drives on my nodes keep slowly filling up.  I don't see

any errors in my logs that are indicating any issues that I can map to

this issue.




Is this how 1.1 is supposed to work now?  Previous versions seemed to

keep this drive at a minimum as it flushed.




/dev/mapper/mpathf     25G   21G  4.2G  83% /opt/cassandra/commitlog