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From Toru Inoko <>
Subject about multitenant datamodel
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 00:52:38 GMT
Hi, all.

I'm designing data api service(like but not using dedicated  
server for each user) on cassandra 1.1 on which users can do DML/DDL  
method like cql.
Followings are api which users can use( almost same to cassandra api).
- create/read/delete ColumnFamilies/Rows/Columns

Now I'm thinking about multitenant datamodel on that.
My data model like the following.
I'm going to prepare a keyspace for each user as a user's tenant space.

| keyspace1 | --- | column family |
|(for user1)|  |

| keyspace2 | --- | column family |
|(for user2)|  |

Followings are my question!
- Is this data model a good for multitenant?
- Do a lot of keyspaces cause some problems? (If I have 1,000 users,  
cassandra creates 1,000 keyspaces...)

please, help.
thank you in advance.

Toru Inoko.

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