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From Cyril Auburtin <>
Subject About Composite range queries
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 10:08:41 GMT
How is it done in Cassandra to be able to range query on a composite key?

"key1" => (A:A:C), (A:B:C), (A:C:C), (A:D:C), (B,A,C)

like get_range ("key1", start_column=(A,"), end_column=(A, C)); will return
[ (A:B:C), (A:C:C) ] (in pycassa)

I mean does the composite implementation add much overhead to make it work?
Does it need to add other Column families, to be able to range query
between composites simple keys (first, second and third part of the

What is the real advantage compared to super column families?

"key1" => A: (A,C), (B,C), (C,C), (D,C)  , B: (A,C)


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