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From Raj N <>
Subject nodetool repair taking forever
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 15:14:07 GMT
Hi experts,

I have a 6 node cluster spread across 2 DCs.

    DC          Rack        Status State   Load            Owns    Token

    DC1         RAC13       Up     Normal  95.98 GB        33.33%  0
    DC2         RAC5        Up     Normal  50.79 GB        0.00%   1
    DC1         RAC18       Up     Normal  50.83 GB        33.33%
    DC2         RAC7        Up     Normal  50.74 GB        0.00%
    DC1         RAC19       Up     Normal  61.72 GB        33.33%
    DC2         RAC9        Up     Normal  50.83 GB        0.00%

They are all replicas of each other. All reads and writes are done at
LOCAL_QUORUM. We are on Cassandra 0.8.4. I see that our weekend nodetool
repair runs for more than 12 hours. Especially on the first one which has
96 GB data. Is this usual? We are using 500 GB SAS drives with ext4 file
system. This gets worse every week. This week its even worse, the nodetool
repair has been running for the last 15 hours just on the first node and
when I run nodetool compactionstats I constantly see this -

pending tasks: 3

and nothing else. Looks like its just stuck. There's nothing substantial in
the logs as well. I also dont understand if all these nodes are replicas of
each other why is that the first node has almost double the data. Any help
will be really appreciated.


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