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From Edward Capriolo <>
Subject Re: Moving to 1.1
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 15:21:14 GMT
1) Stable is a hard word to define. History shows it is better to let
anything .0 burn in a bit. if you are pre-production it probably does
not matter, otherwise I would say play safe. Wait for a .1 or .2 or
the .0 is in the wild for a few weeks.
2) I worked on one of the patches to get hector working with 1.1 there
is a specific release especially for those creating meta-data
3) We are slowly migrating our environment to Java 1.7. The only issue
we have ran into is which is just a
setting tune. Anecdotally I see something that could be better
performance with 1.7 (but I also did a kernel update) so I would not
call it essential.


On Wed, May 30, 2012 at 7:08 AM, Vanger <> wrote:
> I didn't track mailing list since 1.1-rc is out and know i have several
> questions.
> 1) We want to upgrade from 1.09. How stable 1.1 is? I mean work under high
> load, running compactions and clean-ups? Is it faster then 1.09?
> 2) If i what to use hector as cassandra client which version is better for
> 1.1? Is it ok to use "0.8.0-3"?
> We're kind of stuck on this hector release because new versions support
> serialization of Doubles (and some other types, but doubles are 50% of
> data). So we can't read old data: double values were serialized as objects
> and can't be deserialized as double.
> We can override default serializer by it's older version and keep working
> with serialized objects... but it looks rather stupid. Did anyone run into
> such problem?
> And i didn't find any change lists for hector - so such backward
> incompatibility was quite a surprise. Anybody knows some other breaking
> changes from 0.8.0-3?
> 3) Java 7 now recommended for use by Oracle. We have several developers
> running local cassandra instances on it for a while without problems.
> Anybody tried it in production? Some time ago java 7 wasn't recommended for
> use with cassandra, what's for now?
> p.s. sorry for my 'english'
> Thanks,
> Sergey B.

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