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From Victor Blaga <>
Subject Schema changes not getting picked up from different process
Date Fri, 25 May 2012 11:32:55 GMT
Hi all,

This is my first message on this posting list so I'm sorry if I am breaking
any rules. I just wanted to report some sort of a problem that I'm having
with Cassandra.
Short version of my problem: if I make changes to the schema from within a
process, they do not get picked up by the other processes that are
connected to the Cassandra cluster unless I trigger a reconnect.

Long version:

Process 1: cassandra-cli connected to cluster and keyspace
Process 2: cassandra-cli connected to cluster and keyspace

>From within process 1 - create column family test;
>From within process 2 - describe test; - fails with an error (other
query/insert methods fail as well).

I'm not sure if this is indeed a bug or just a misunderstanding from my


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