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From Alain RODRIGUEZ <>
Subject Wrong data after rolling restart
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 13:55:15 GMT
Hi, I re-post this here because it's a new subject far away from my
initial tuning questions.

I wanted to try a new config. After doing a rolling restart I have all
my counters false, with wrong values. I stopped my servers with the
following :

nodetool -h localhost disablegossip
nodetool -h localhost disablethrift
nodetool -h localhost drain
kill cassandra sigterm (15) via htop

And after restarting the second one I have lost all the consistency of
my data. All my statistics since September are totally false now in

As reminder I'm using a 2 node cluster RF=2, CL.ONE

1 - How to fix it ? (I have a backup from this morning, but I will
lose all the data after this date if I restore this backup)
2 - What happened ? How to avoid it ?

Any Idea would be greatly appreciated, I'm quite desperated.


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