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From Roland Mechler <>
Subject Composite keys question
Date Thu, 24 May 2012 17:54:30 GMT
Suppose I have a table in CQL3 with a 2 part composite, and I do a select
that specifies just the second part of the key (not the partition key),
will this result in a full table scan, or is the second part of the key


cqlsh:"Keyspace1"> CREATE TABLE test_table (part1 text, part2 text, data
text, PRIMARY KEY (part1, part2));
cqlsh:"Keyspace1"> INSERT INTO test_table (part1, part2, data) VALUES
cqlsh:"Keyspace1"> SELECT * FROM test_table WHERE part2 = '1';
 part1 | part2 | data
     1 |     1 |    a


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