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From Vanger <>
Subject Moving to 1.1
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 11:08:48 GMT
I didn't track mailing list since 1.1-rc is out and know i have several 

1) We want to upgrade from 1.09. How stable 1.1 is? I mean work under 
high load, running compactions and clean-ups? Is it faster then 1.09?

2) If i what to use hector as cassandra client which version is better 
for 1.1? Is it ok to use "0.8.0-3"?
We're kind of stuck on this hector release because new versions support 
serialization of Doubles (and some other types, but doubles are 50% of 
data). So we can't read old data: double values were serialized as 
objects and can't be deserialized as double.
We can override default serializer by it's older version and keep 
working with serialized objects... but it looks rather stupid. Did 
anyone run into such problem?
And i didn't find any change lists for hector - so such backward 
incompatibility was quite a surprise. Anybody knows some other breaking 
changes from 0.8.0-3?

3) Java 7 now recommended for use by Oracle. We have several developers 
running local cassandra instances on it for a while without problems. 
Anybody tried it in production? Some time ago java 7 wasn't recommended 
for use with cassandra, what's for now?

p.s. sorry for my 'english'

Sergey B.

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