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From Piavlo <>
Subject is it possible to run cassandra process in client mode as smart proxy
Date Wed, 16 May 2012 10:14:47 GMT


I'm interested in using some smart proxy cassandra process that could 
act as coordinator node and be aware of cluster state.
And run this smart proxy cassandra process on each client side host  
where the application(php) with short lived cassandra connections runs.
Besides being aware of cluster state if it could act as coordinator node 
it would save unneeded network trips.
And maybe even have an option to take care of hinted handoffs.
IMHO the best candidate for this is the cassandra itself (like it's done 
in elasticsearch
I also see there was a work done in this direction at
So maybe this is something that is already usable?

Or maybe there is some third party project that could be used as smart 
cassandra proxy?


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