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From Radim Kolar <>
Subject Re: live ratio counting
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 13:50:45 GMT

liveratio calculation logic also needs to be changed because it is based 
on assumption that workloads do not change.
> Can you give an example of the sort of workload change you are 
> thinking of ?
i have 3 workload types running in batch. Delete only workload, insert 
only and heavy update (lot of overwrites)

>> raise maximum liveratio from 64 to at least 80.
> Have you seen examples in your logs where the calculated live ratio 
> was between 64 and 80 ?
yes. Record is about 120, but it is rare. 80 should be good enough. 
Default 10 (if not jusing jamm) is way too low.
> Are you experiencing memory pressure you think may be attributed to 
> memtables not being flushed frequently enough ?

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