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From Dave Brosius <>
Subject Re: Retrieving old data version for a given row
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 23:25:46 GMT
The only way you could get the old value for a column would be to insert 
the column value, then flush, then insert the new column, then before 
compaction look at the old sstable.

If you insert the value twice in a row without a flush, the old value is 
gone, as it only exists in memtables (and in the commit log - of course).

Hopefully you want this information for learning purposes only, and 
aren't actually using this for real purposes.

On 05/13/2012 05:33 PM, Felipe Schmidt wrote:
> I'm trying to retrieve old data version for some row but it seems not
> be possible. I'm a beginner  with Cassandra and the unique aproach I
> know is looking to the SSTable in the storage folder, but if I insert
> some column and right after insert another value to the same row,
> after flushing, I only get the last value.
> Is there any way to get the old data version? Obviously, before compaction.
> Regards,
> Felipe Mathias Schmidt
> (Computer Science UFRGS, RS, Brazil)

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