I am running 1.0.8.  I am adding a new data center to an existing cluster.  Following steps outlined in another thread on the mailing list, things went fine except for the last step, which is to run repair on all the nodes in the new data center.  Repair seems to be hanging indefinitely.  There is no activity in system.log.  I did notice that the node being repair is requesting ranges from nodes in both the existing and new data center.  Since there is not data in the new data center initially, I though that it may be why repair is hanging.  So I break out of the repair with a control-C after waiting for a while.  I do see data being added to the new nodes.  When I ran repair for the second time it is still hanging.

Why is repair hanging?  Is it save to use control-C to break out of it.  How do I recover from this?