0 is a perfectly valid id.

node - 1 is modulo the maximum token value. that token range is 0  -  2**127

so node - 1 in this case is 2**127

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has anybody written up anything related to recovery for fails in EC2?

this morning i woke up to find 1 (of 4) nodes marked as unreachable.  i used the datastax (1.0.7) ami to set up my clu ster and the node that fail had the token id of 0 (this is the seed node - right?).  the docs says to replace a failed node to set the token to failed node - 1, which i don't think would work.  luckily rebooting the machine 

but i'm left with the question of what should i do if node with the token ID of 0 fails and should i even have a node with that ID.


On 2/23/2012 11:21 AM, aaron morton wrote:
General EC2 setup.
Cassandra with a VPN on EC2. From memory it talks about using the VPN within EC2. 
Clients need a single port (9160) to talk to the cluster.
Hope that helps. 


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On 24/02/2012, at 3:46 AM, Philip Shon wrote:

Are there any good resources for best practices when running Cassandra within EC2? I'm particularly interested in the security issues, when the servers communicating w/ Cassandra are outside of EC2.