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From Nick Bailey <>
Subject Release: OpsCenter 2.0
Date Sat, 21 Apr 2012 00:03:46 GMT
Hey everyone,

This past week we released OpsCenter 2.0.

The main updates to the community version of this release are centered
around performance and stability. These updates should greatly improve
performance, especially in larger clusters. Some of the highlights

* Refactoring of metric processing. Metrics are written directly from
OpsCenter agents, which causes less network traffic and load in
* Refactoring of metric storage. This should improve disk space
consumption of metrics written by OpsCenter.
* Update of gc_grace_seconds on OpsCenter column families. This will
allow unused historical OpsCenter data to expire earlier.
* UI performance enhancements.
* Bug fixes.

For anyone that hasn't used OpsCenter, it is a graphical tool for
Cassandra administration and management. The community version is free
for any use.

You can download the OpsCenter 2.0 tarball directly here:, and find instructions for
installing the tarball as well as deb or rpm versions of OpsCenter

Please send us any feedback or issues you have so we can continue to
improve OpsCenter.


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