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From ruslan usifov <>
Subject Re: swap grows
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2012 12:59:26 GMT
Thanks for link. But for me still present question about  free memory. In
out cluster we have 200 IOPS in peaks, but still have about 3GB of free
memory on each server (cluster have 6 nodes tho there are 3*6=18 GB of
unused memry). I think that OS must fill all memory with pagecache (we do
backups throw DirectIO) of SStables, but it doesn't do that and i doesn't
understand  why. I can't find any sysctl that can tune pagecache thresholds
or ratio.

Any suggestion????

2012/4/18 Jonathan Ellis <>

> what-is-the-linux-kernel-parameter-vm-swappiness<>

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