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From Ed Jone <>
Subject Is this possible.
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2012 19:34:16 GMT

I am new to cassandra and was hoping if someone can tell me if the
following is possible.

Given I have a columnfamily with a list of users in each Row.

Each user has the properties: name, highscore, x, y, z.

I want to use name as the column key, but I want the columns to be sorted
by highscore (always).

The only reads would be to get the top N users by highscore in a given row.
I thought about adding the weight to the name as the key (eg:
299.76-johnsmith) but then I would not be able to update a given user.

This was not possible in the past, but I am not familiar, with the newer
cassandra versions.

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