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From Watanabe Maki <>
Subject Re: nodetool repair cassandra 0.8.4 HELP!!!
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2012 06:06:33 GMT
You should run repair. If the disk space is the problem, try to cleanup and major compact before
You can limit the streaming data by running repair for each column family separately.


On 2012/04/28, at 23:47, Raj N <> wrote:

> I have a 6 node cassandra cluster DC1=3, DC2=3 with 60 GB data on each node. I was bulk
loading data over the weekend. But we forgot to turn off the weekly nodetool repair job. As
a result, repair was interfering when we were bulk loading data. I canceled repair by restarting
the nodes. But unfortunately after the restart it looks like I dont have any data on those
nodes when I use list on cassandra-cli. I ran repair on one of the effected nodes, but repair
seems to be taking forever. Disk space has almost tripled. I stopped the repair again in fear
of running out of disk space. After restart, the disk space is at 50% where as the good nodes
are at 25%. How should I proceed from here.  When I run list on cassandra-cli I do see data
on the effected node. But how can I be sure I have all the data. Should I run repair again.
Should I cleanup the disk by clearing snapshots. Or should I just drop column families and
bulk load the data again?
> Thanks
> -Raj

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