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From Jeff Williams <>
Subject Write performance compared to Postgresql
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 11:08:16 GMT

I am looking at cassandra for a logging application. We currently log to a Postgresql database.

I set up 2 cassandra servers for testing. I did a benchmark where I had 100 hashes representing
logs entries, read from a json file. I then looped over these to do 10,000 log inserts. I
repeated the same writing to a postgresql instance on one of the cassandra servers. The script
is attached. The cassandra writes appear to perform a lot worse. Is this expected?

jeff@transcoder01:~$ ruby cassandra-bm.rb 
  3.170000   0.480000   3.650000 ( 12.032212)
jeff@transcoder01:~$ ruby cassandra-bm.rb 
  2.140000   0.330000   2.470000 (  7.002601)


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