We're running Cassandra 1.0.6 on Windows, and noticed that the amount of files in the datadirectory just keeps growing. We have about 60GB of data per node, we do a major compaction about once a week, but after compaction there's a lot of 0-byte temp files and old files that are kept for some reason. After 50 days of uptime there was around 50000 files in each datadirectory, but when we restarted a server it deleted all the unnecessary files and it shrunk down to about 200 files.

We're running without compression, and with the regular compaction strategy, not leveldb. I don't remember seeing this behaviour in older versions of Cassandra, shouldn't it delete temp files while running? Is it possible to force it to delete temp files while running? Is this fixed in a later version? Or do we have to periodically restart servers to clean up the datadirectories?

/Henrik Schröder