2012/3/5 Jeesoo Shin <bsheep@gmail.com>
Hi all.

I have very SLOW READ here. :-(
I made a cluster with three node (aws xlarge, replication = 3)
Cassandra version is 1.0.6
I have inserted 1,000,000 rows. (standard column)
Each row has 200 columns.
Each column has 16 byte key,  512 byte value.

I used Hector createSliceQuery to get one column in a row.
This basic query(random row, fixed column) is created with multiple
thread and hit cassandra.

I only get up to 140 request per second. Is this all I can get for read?
Or am I doing something wrong?
Interestingly, when I request rows which doesn't exist, it goes up to
1600 per second.

You must test read performance by paralel test (ie multiple threads). The result when not existent rows are more faster is result of bloom filter

ANY insight, share will be extremely helpful.
Thank you.