It's not currently supported in CQL

You can do it using the CLI, see the online help. 


Aaron Morton
Freelance Developer

On 2/03/2012, at 10:39 AM, Bayle Shanks wrote:

hi, i'm wondering how to do composite data
storage types in CQL. I am trying to mimic the Composite Types
functionality of the Pycassa client:

In short, in Pycassa you can do something like:


itemTimeCompositeType = CompositeType(UTF8Type(), LongType())



columnFamily.insert(self._makeKey(item, time_as_integer), {field : value})


and then your primary key for this column family is a pair of a string
and an integer. This is important because i am using
ByteOrderedPartitioner and doing range scans among keys which share
the same string 'item' but have different values for the integer.

My motivation is that i am trying to port to Ruby and i
thought i might try CQL.