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From Sabbiolina <>
Subject [Windows] How to configure simple authentication and authorization ?
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2012 00:53:01 GMT
HI. I followed this:

To set up simple authentication and authorization
1. Edit cassandra.yaml, setting
org.apache.cassandra.auth.SimpleAuthenticator as the
authenticator value. The default value of AllowAllAuthenticator is
equivalent to no authentication.
2. Edit, adding entries for users and their permissions
to read and write to specified
keyspaces and column families. See below for details on
the correct format.
3. Make sure that users specified in have corresponding
entries in
See below for details and examples.
4. After making the required configuration changes, you must specify the
properties files when starting Cassandra
with the flags and For example:
sh bin/cassandra -f

I started services with additional parameters, but no result, no Log,

I use datastax 1.0.8 communiti edition on win 7 64 bit


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