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From Michael Cherkasov <>
Subject Get few rows by composite key.
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2012 13:30:23 GMT
Assume that we have table like this one:

Key:        Columns names:
AA:AA     1:A 1:B 1:C 2:A 2:C
AA:BB     1:C 2:A 2:C
AA:CC     2:A 2:C
AA:DD     1:A 1:B 1:C
BB:AA     1:A 1:B 2:C
BB:BB     1:A 1:B 1:C 2:C
BB:CC     1:A  2:A 2:C
BB:DD     1:A  1:C 2:A 2:C

Is there any way to take rows with first key's part equals AA and second
more or equal BB?
I'm interesting about Hector code.

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