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From Jeremiah Jordan <>
Subject RE: Any improvements in Cassandra JDBC driver ?
Date Thu, 29 Mar 2012 15:04:39 GMT
There is no such thing as pure insert which will give an error if the thing already exists.
 Everything is really "UPDATE OR INSERT".  Whether you say UPDATE, or INSERT, it will all
act like "UPDATE OR INSERT", if the thing is there it get over written, if it isn't there
it gets inserted.


From: Dinusha Dilrukshi []
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 11:41 PM
Subject: Any improvements in Cassandra JDBC driver ?


We are using Cassandra JDBC driver (found in [1]) to call to Cassandra sever using CQL and
JDBC calls.  One of the main disadvantage is, this driver is not available in maven repository
where people can publicly access. Currently we have to checkout the source and build ourselves.
Is there any possibility to host this driver in a maven repository ?

And one of the other limitation in driver is, it does not support for the insert query. If
we need to do a insert , then it can be done using the "update" statement. So basically it
will be same query used for both UPDATE and INSERT. As an example, if you execute following
"update USER set 'username'=?, 'password'=? where key = ?"
and if the provided 'KEY' already exist in the Column family then it will do a update to existing
 columns. If the provided KEY does not already exist, then it will do a insert..
Is that the INSERT query option is now available in latest driver?

Are there any other improvements/supports added to this driver recently ?

Is this driver compatible with Cassandra-1.1.0 and is that the changes done for driver will
be backward compatible with older Cassandra versions (1.0.0) ?



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