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From Mikael Wikblom <>
Subject Bootstrapping a new node to a running cluster
Date Thu, 15 Mar 2012 08:50:09 GMT

I'm using cassandra (1.0.8) embedded in the same jvm as a 
webapplication. All data is available on all nodes (R = N),  read / 
write CL.ONE.

Is it correct to assume in the following scenario that the newly added 
node has all data locally and that secondary indexes are fully created  
after the bootstrap process finishes?

1. a running cluster of N=3,  R=3
2. upgrade R to 4
3. bootstrap the new node

I would like to avoid having to do the required repair on each node if I 
upgrade R to 4 after bootstrapping the new node.


Mikael Wikblom
Software Architect
SiteVision AB

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